I recently updated my skincare routine, and this week I wanted to share with you 5 skincare mistakes that make acne worse. For reference, I have oily acne prone skin that flares up faster than you can say ‘ice cream with a cherry on top!’

In a previous post I write about how one cannot separate hair care from skin care, and so we shall have both.

I have battled with bad breakouts for many years, until last year when I learnt to manage my skin better. Between 2016 and 2017, my skin was the worst it’s ever been; it was so bad that refused to leave the house a couple of times. I tried many remedies, some of which, in hindsight, only aggravated my acne further. This is what I’ll be sharing with you, here’s a list of 5 mistakes that make acne worse, much, much worse.

Unaware of acne type

There are levels and types to acne; it can be mild or severe, inflammatory or noninflammatory .  The kind of acne you have will determine the remedies or treatment. Using the wrong treatment for acne could potentially make it worse. Like any other illness, you must know what you’re treating before you take any medication.

Not seeking treatment

I believe this to be the most common mistake.  I suffered with bad skin for  months while waiting for it go away on its own. Oh boy was I wrong! Unless the cause of your acne goes away, it will not go away its own.  I urge you to see a dermatologist when your skin gets out of control.


If I had to pick the biggest mistake this would be it. If you are not a doctor, you should not self-diagnose, and it does not matter how many posts or YouTube video you have seen. This will only prompt you onto the next mistake:


If you self-diagnose, you will self-medicate. Self-medication may seem to work at first; however, this is a fix that will fail. The side effects will catch up and leave acne much worse. Sharing medication will have the same effects.

Using multiple treatments at once

Over-medication wears out the skin, this is a fact. Acne treatments usually have multiple side effects, using them altogether is kicking your skin when it’s already down. It is best practice to use one treatment at a time.

I always finish up with a picture, so you know that I’m not making this stuff up :).

Severe Acne

A breakout on my skin, and this was not even the worst of them! Also RIP to these tiny bantu-knots!

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  1. Atukunda Mercy Sabiiti

    This was soo helpful. I’m definitely going to stop using multiple treatments for the acne.

    • You’re welcome Mercy 🙂
      My dermatologist told me to use one treatment at a time, or to use on alternating days to avoid causing excessive dryness or chemical burns to your skin.

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