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On this second day, we are going to go over a very common condition— dandruff.

Research shows that dandruff is the most commercially exploited skin l

Some reports show that the presence of fungus alone is not sufficient to cause dandruff. It’s suggested, in addition to fungus, that dandruff is caused by a combination of factors such as: stress, genes, climate and other medical condition.

Dandruff and Natural hair

This section is  specific to natural hair, not because natural hair is different, but because of practices specific to the “natural hair community” that foster dandruff.

If dandruff is linked to an overgrowth of fungus, then the things we do will facilitate the occurrence.  Things like not cleaning your scalp for weeks at a time, and applying tons of different products onto the scalp and/or hair; those things which are fairly more common with those who keep their hair natural.

I hope with this post, you are able to grasp what dandruff is, and what causes it! In the next post, we shall go over remedies for dandruff.

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  1. Short and sweet post.what is dandruff in our local languages , that should sound interesting.

  2. A hairstylist once told me that dandruff is rampant with clients who go to salons that skimp on product quality especially for shampoos. This breeds unclean scalps. Thx for sharing

    • You’re welcome, Kyomm! And I can’t agree more. For as well, I find shampoo really important (and a good quality, one too). Then there a number of ppl who go weeks and weeks without a wash…

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