The Kinks and Kurls expo came around on the 25th March at Naguru Hilltop. To me, the expo presents an over view of the natural hair in Uganda, and I have to stay, it’s growing strong and steady.

The Expo: Dawn was ushered in with a light rainfall, which was quickly replaced by the heavens shining brightly on us.

The expo had a number of exhibitionists that turned up early to set up their stalls. With hair products, skin products, head-wraps, branded shirts, accessories, make up and more. There was a diversity of possibilities to occupy the attendants. The exhibitionists were not limited to Ugandans only – no, there were some from Kenya and even Morocco. I was amazed by the high levels of energy, passion and genuine love for their products that was displayed by the exhibitionists. It was this great level of passion that led me to buy a number of products, including those that I had certainly not budgeted for!

There were the brands that have been around the market for a long time, and that most of us would easily identify, and there were also a number of startups and smaller scale companies that haven’t been in existence for long, which is fantastic! The more the merrier.

I could go on and on, but I would rather you see for yourself! Enjoy.

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Okusu Organics at Kinks and kurls Expo

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