If you search the internet for natural hair right now, the first thing you’ll see is images of people with long voluminous hair.  In real life, many of us do not have long voluminous hair down to the waist. What are we to do when the media and our own personal need makes us believe that the only way to have natural hair is when it’s long.

The desire for long natural hair drives many of us to add synthetic afro-hair extensions to our own hair. There’s nothing wrong with this, except if we get so obsessed with the long hair that we forget to enjoy our short hair. When extensions simply don’t work anymore what might you try next? You guessed it: hair growth products that promise wild growth in just a matter of minutes! Alright I’m exaggerating a little bit, but you know what I mean.

Do hair growth products really work?

Now I’m going to be very honest, you may or may not agree with me and that’s perfectly okay. From my experience, hair growth products do not work, and if they do, they will not increase growth rate by much.  Here are my reasons:

The people who market quick hair growth products, with the “evidence” for their own long hair often forget to mention how long they’ve been growing it, which in most cases is over 8 years. It’s a little deceptive, wouldn’t you agree? Passing-off long hair grown for close to a decade as result of a certain product is so bad. This is because it plays on the hopes of people, and when it doesn’t work, it destroys their confidence in their hair.

If you believe hair growth products work for you

There are people that swear by hair growth products, but look at it this way: can you really attribute hair growth to just one thing/product? Take an example of the now ever popular rice water, a Holy Grail for many. Rice water is backed up my images of beautiful Asian women with the longest hair you’ll ever see. But what you don’t realize is these women have been growing their hair all their life, with no adulteration from harsh chemicals! So can you honestly swear by rice water?

How to grow natural hair long

Afro-textured hair can go long, think back to all the  Instagram “hair goals” photos. The only way hair grows long is with time, proper hair care and genetics. Some people naturally have fast growing hair, while others have it slow. So if you want long hair, take good care of it and be patient. You don’t need expensive hair growth products that will most likely not work. I took a pool on Facebook and Instagram and over 80% of participants voted that hair growth products did not work for them. So the next time you want to buy a hair growth product, buy a deep conditioner instead.

PS: The featured image is just a featured image, it’s not intended to “diss” any particular brand.

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I’m Felice, a self-taught ‘Pictographer’, writer and lover of the arts. I cannot get enough of the beauties of the earth, music, big large life and history. I used to drink way too much coffee, but those days are over! I currently live in Kampala, Uganda.

Many years natural (not consecutively) and I’ve got a lot of tips to share. I am also a super awesome programmer. What?! Oh yes. πŸ™‚

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