I’ve had this post sitting on my computer for months and now I am finally able to share it. No curl definition, no problem! Why do don’t strive for curl definition on my 4c hair anymore.

What is curl definition?

Curl definition is one thing many naturals, especially new ones, strive for. The main purpose of curl definition is to enhance curls in hair, which curls may or may not already exist. Natural hair ranges from curly to “coily”. For this post, my focus is on the coily Afro hair (type 4 hair).

I don’t see 4C hair as curly hair; however, many opinions will defer on this as some people consider it to be curly hair. Whether Afro hair is curly or not, is up for discussion and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. But’s first, let’s go over the reason you’re here. Here are my reasons for walking away from the curl definition mania.

No curl definition, no problem

It is time consuming

There is a variety of ways and methods to enhance or manipulate curls, for instance curly-girl method, maximum hydration method, finger curls, twist-out and braid-out, and more. All these methods demand a lot of time and maintenance. Think about how long it takes to do those twists, Bantu knots and braids and then take them down with the precision of surgeon in order to avoid frizz.

Product overload

The “perfect super defined” twist-out will often require some products. Gels, creams, puddings and smoothies (do not eat, these aren’t food) are some products to aid the curl definition quest. However, packing on one product after another will lead to buildup, dryness and breakage.

It does not last long

The amount of time and effort that go into attaining curl definition are nothing compared to despair that will fill you when that curly style lasts only 2 days. Type 4 hair will burst out of any form in no time.


The need to twist, braid, coil and plait your hair often for curl definition gives way to over- manipulation. Hands are often in your hair detangling, picking, nighttime pineapples and more. My experience with my hair has brought me to the realization that hair sheds and breaks more when it doesn’t get a rest.

It is exhausting

This is does not need a lot of explanation. I was a curl definition maniac and I barely left the house without a twist-out or bantu knot out and I was TIRED of my hair. I gave curl definition a rest and I have never been happier and more satisfied about my hair. This doesn’t mean I NEVER do curly styles, it just means I do them once in a long while.

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