When you wash your hair yourself, wash days can be frustrating because of how much time they can take  – hours of fiddling in front of a mirror and sore arms at the end of it all. There is a silver lining because it does not always have to be this way. Get ready because I am about to share with you 4 wash day tips that help me shorten my wash day.

Detangle before wash

This is the winner of the day, you’ll thank me later. Now detangling in itself might take some time depending on how long and tangled your hair is. Try detangling the day before if it usually takes too much time. Detangling before washing will save you time and unnecessary breakage. I used to detangle while applying conditioner on wet hair, and because my hair was wet, I had to be slow and gentle. Detangling before means that all you have to do is apply product and move on to the next step in the regimen.

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Wash in twists

When hair gets longer, it becomes harder to wash in one sweep. Washing hair in twists prevents tangling and gives you already set sections to work with when moisturizing. If you wish, you can secure twists with rubber bands to prevent them unraveling during the wash.

Do treatments in twists

If it’s the time to do a deep treatment, do this in twists as well. Just work the product in thoroughly. Take extra care to completely wash out all the product from your twists because sometimes it gets stuck.

Let your hair dry before moisturizing

Do your LOC or LCO method on fairly damp hair, not dripping wet, work with one twist at a time then twist it back up. This will ensure your hair dries faster.

It’s all about the twists my good fellows!

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