This is a follow up post on how to soften natural hair, please read part one before you continue if you haven’t already. Here, we go over how to moisturize natural hair, as a measure to make it soft and manageable.

So I’m just going to dive right in.

Whether you moisturize hair with LOC (Liquid, Oil/Butter, Cream) or LCO method is simply a matter of preference. Personally I prefer LOC method for no particular reason at all! Just kidding, it’s because LOC is less messy for me during application.

What’s the point of LOC/LCO method?

Type 4 hair needs moisture because it’s naturally dry. Water is how you moisturize your hair, not oil – water! But just simply applying water to your hair is not enough because it soon escapes leaving hair dry once more. The solution is “layering” and sealing in the moisture with oil/butter and a Cream. So in essence, you’d have a strand of hair first coated with water, then oil/butter and finally a cream, but it’s not accurately arranged like that on hair. Nonetheless, this works to keep your hair soft and manageable.

 How to moisturize natural hair (LOC method)

Step one: As previously mentioned, I use LOC, I start off with freshly washed dump hair. Since my hair is dump at this point with water, this is my Liquid. Some people use aloe Vera juice or water-based leave-in conditioner as their Liquid, but to me, all you need is water.

Step two: Apply oil, or butter to dump hair and work into hair. I use shea butter; sometimes I’ll use coconut oil, or even olive oil.

Step three: Now add your leave-in conditioner or cream, work it in further. Twist up that section and you’re good to go.

 How to moisturize natural hair gallery

On day 4, if my hair feels dry, I simply spritz with water to reactivate hair products, sometimes I’ll add just a little bit of leave-in conditioner and mirror these 3 steps, but usually just water is fine.

If you keep doing this and make it part of your regimen, your hair will be soft and manageable, no heat no braids.

Dry and Soft moisturized Natural hair

My dry Vs soft moisturized natural hair

I hope you find this post helpful. If you have any challenges you’d like me to address, share it with in the comments or on our social media.

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