Keeping your hair natural can get very expensive because most of us are product junkies who buy a ton of products we do not need. At same time, as hair gets longer, products run out faster. You shouldn’t suffer and go broke just because you have natural hair.

One hair product I cannot do without is deep conditioner, and I get through it very fast. In the past I found myself needing to purchase more Deep Conditioner every 6 weeks.  I think many of you will agree with me that buying more products nearly every month is not sustainable, even if you have the money to spend. What should you do then? You need hair products, but are on a budget and can’t afford to spend much. Now your first instinct might be to use products sparing, but using as little as you can of a hair product just doesn’t work, and for many reasons too!

Your next solution might be to whip up some bananas, avocado, yoghurt, or a tree! Just kidding. But while DYI is great, it’s got mixed reviews, it works for some people, and for others it’s a complete waste of time and fruit/vegetables.

What you really need to do

Let’s start with a disclaimer :D, I’m not a trained chemist and DIY recipes are based on my personal experience and have not been tested in a lad. Here is natural hair on a budget, deep conditioner edition:

What I do is mix my store-bought/factory-made hair products, in this case deep conditioner, with well researched DYI ingredients.  For DYI ingredients, I use honey, glycerin and oil/butter of choice. All these items can be found with ease at a super market near you, and they don’t cost much either.

Honey and Glycerin have great moisturizing properties. I mix these ingredients with a portion of my deep conditioner, and “make” more deep conditioner.

The procedure

  1. Scoop 2 table spoons of deep conditioner into a bowl, I usually use a plastic bowl because things tend to break in my hands. Glass bowl for demonstration purposes

    deep conditioner

    Put deep conditioner in bowl

  2. Add oil/shea butter, honey and glycerin. I don’t measure these, because it depends on how much deep conditioner you want, but don’t go over one table spoon of glycerin because too much will make your hair mushy.
  3. Mix it all up together until you have one uniform mixture.
  4. Deep condition your hair

This is what I do to make my products last longer and achieve my “Natural hair on a budget” goal.

About the author: Felice

I’m Felice, a self-taught ‘Pictographer’, writer and lover of the arts. I cannot get enough of the beauties of the earth, music, big large life and history. I used to drink way too much coffee, but those days are over! I currently live in Kampala, Uganda.

Many years natural (not consecutively) and I’ve got a lot of tips to share. I am also a super awesome programmer. What?! Oh yes. 🙂

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  1. Thanks alotttt
    Definitely gonna try theseeeee

  2. DIY is the way to go when it comes to deep conditioning. i make mine using avocado, honey and olive oil. the results are awesome. i once tried to add a banana but it left residue in my hair. i probably didnt crash it well enough.

    • Oh Yes! Love DIY. As for bananas, same thing happened to me! Next time you try it, sieve the bananas after smashing them. I like to mix products and DIY, works great, and it’s easy on your pocket!

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